SEZ «Togliatti» project support

SEZ "Togliatti" project

The industrial and production Special economic zone "Togliatti" was established in Stavropolsky municipal district of Samara region on the basis of Resolution of the Russian Government of August 12, 2010 No. 621.

SEZ "Togliatti" specializes in the following fields of activities:

  • Automotive manufacturing (vehicles and vehicle components)
  • Machinery
  • Construction materials
  • Mass consumer goods

Residents of the Special economic zone during the first five years of partnership exempt from land and transport taxes. Also provided a zero tax rate on the property. Income tax rate, which is transferring to the budget of the Samara region, for the SEZ "Togliatti" residents is also equal 0% and will be valid until the end of 2018 with followed gradual increase. Also provided additional benefits to corporate income tax. SEZ in Togliatti was decided to establish in the end of 2009.

For more information about activities of the SEZ "Togliatti" please visit the official website

As a consulting partner of the SEZ " Togliatti" United Experts Group provide services for the preparation and support of obtaining the residents status of the Special economic zone of industrial type "Togliatti"