TOSER Togliatti project support

About the project

On September 28, 2016, the Government of the Russian Federation adopted Resolution No. 974 “On creation of the Territory of Advanced Social and Economic Development “Togliatti”.

For residents of TOSER "Togliatti" are established benefits on corporate income tax, corporate property tax, land tax, and provided reduced insurance contributions to state extra-budgetary funds up to 7.6% on payroll and a simplified procedure for state and municipal control.

The decree of the Government of the Russian Federation defines the types of economic activity that are allowed for investment projects implemented by residents of TOSER, the minimum amount of capital investments of residents (at least 20 million rubles), and the requirements for potential residents during the first year after being added to the register of residents of TOSER “Togliatti” on investing at least 5 million rubles with the creation of at least 20 new permanent work places.

TOSER "Togliatti" was created for 10 years (with the possibility of extension for another 5 years) and is aimed at provision of the most favorable business conditions for investors who are not associated with the city-forming enterprise.

More detailed information on the activities of TOSER "Togliatti" can be obtained on the website of the Togliatti Investment Portal in the section TOSER.

The United Experts Group provides a range of services on preparation and support of obtaining the status of a TOSER "Togliatti" resident.