Legal services

Labor law

Understanding the importance of legal relations with the staff for the effective functioning of the business, our experts will help you in solving various personnel issues.

We offer you the following services:

  • advising in labor issues (including hiring and firing employees, development and implementation of various systems of employee remuneration, processing personnel documentation, etc.) and migration legislation, labor protection requirements, protection of information and personal data of employees;
  • consulting in taxation of income of foreign citizens employed in the Russian Federation;
  • consulting in labor aspects during reorganization, and in the implementation of M&A transactions;
  • preparation, verification, editing of a complete set of documents for employment of various categories of employees;
  • development, adjustment of various local regulations;
  • development of employee’s  incentive systems;
  • legal support of downsizing of employees’ quantity and staffing procedures;
  • risk assessment of non-compliance with labor laws and support of the process of development and implementation of corrective measures aimed at reduction of risks and costs;
  • judicial protection of the employer in the resolution of labor disputes.

Full documentation support of HR activities:

  • preparation of documents for the employment of personnel;
  • collection and preparation of personal data of employees;
  • filling out of workbooks;
  • registration of internal transfers, changes in wages and provisions of the employment contract;
  • registration of termination of employment;
  • registration of bonuses and other incentive payments;
  • calculation of salaries for employees of the Client;
  • paperwork for the dismissal of employees.