Legal services

Representation in the courts

Today, business needs competent judicial protection of rights and legal interests. Often, the success of a lawsuit directly depends on the correctness of building a case management strategy, which directly depends on the qualifications of a lawyer.

The experts of our company provide the following consulting, documentation and other support in the consideration of disputes by arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction:

  • preliminary analysis of dispute related documents;
  • development of business strategy;
  • formation of evidence;
  • preliminary assessment of the prospects for pre-trial and judicial resolution of the dispute;
  • preparation of claims, petitions and complaints, as well as any other procedural documents;
  • participation in court proceedings in the court of first instance at all its stages;
  • appeal proceedings;
  • participation in judicial proceedings in the appeal and cassation instances in arbitration courts;
  • participation in legal proceedings in administrative cases and labor disputes;
  • drafting of amicable agreements;
  • participation in enforcement proceedings.

Our competences: commercial, corporate, tax, labor law, as well as legislation on administrative offenses.