Legal services

Tax disputes

Our experts provide an analytical and legal support in tax disputes, namely:

legal support of cameral and field tax audits, including analysis of the legality of the decision on the audit, analysis of the requirements (requests, instructions and other documents) of the tax authority, verification of documents prepared for presentation on the requirements (for familiarization) of the auditors

  • assessment of the prospects for resolving a dispute based on an analysis of the content of the inspection report;
  • preparation of objections to tax audit acts;
  • legal expertise of actions and decisions of tax authorities;
  • tax disputes on the results of tax audits (extrajudicial procedure, arbitration);
  • representation of corporate clients’ interests in arbitration courts of all instances for the return of overpaid taxes from the budget;
  • representation of the corporate clients’ interests in legal proceedings under tax authorities’ claims;
  • refund of tax deductions collected / offset against future tax payments;
  • consulting in tax planning and tax optimization.